Big Sur Ceramics

I have a personal project that involves a collection of ceramics crafted by both myself and my mother. Every piece is made by hand and possesses subtle imperfections and textures that enhance its character.

Our aim is to bring happiness and positivity into everyday life through our creations. We work together to create a variety of unique objects, placing emphasis on color, minimalism, and simplicity, while also aiming to evoke a range of emotions and feelings.
2021 - Present


Cargo, Sketch, Ceramics

Designed to bring more joy
to your daily life.

My own lovely project. I started in 2020. The original idea was to find something for my mom to do, and I suggested that she go to a ceramics workshop. A month later we had a mini studio at home. I experimented a lot. It was amazing time I realized that I’m not only a designer but also an artist.

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Participated in an exhibition in New York