Dynamica App

Dynamica is a habit tracker that helps people structure their day, develop new habits, stay on track for a big goal and keep track of their feelings.

The idea is simple. Every day we have a set of things to do. And what we do is conditioned by our habits. Dynamica helps make the most of every day and get more done.

Our life is made up of our habits. Good and bad. To change our life, we need to change our habits. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Dynamica helps to stay on track.

Mobile App Design



I’m passionate about creating an interface that brings joy to people. 
I draw inspiration from fashion, art, and unique projects as well as websites like Are.na, Pinterest, Twitter, and the internet in general.

Concept sketching

I start my projects with paper sketches and create a logical structure with a unique visual style.



I got hundreds of positive reviews on Twitter and Instagram.

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